Polpachef Can

Greci Tomatoes

Polpachef Tomato Pulp

Size: 4kg can Units/case: 3

Retail Size: 400gr can Units/case: 24

Greci Prontofresco Polpachef, Tomato Pulp, is made exclusively from sound, perfectly ripe tomatoes from selected varieties only in summertime, using advanced processing techniques, without citric acid. High quality, high yield, bright red color, full, fresh and sweet taste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal for pizzas, sauces, and condiments.

Pizza Sauce

Size: 4kg can Units/case: 3

Greci Prontofesco Pizza sauce is prepared with selected, ripe and fresh tomatoes. The taste is full- bodied, sweet, and prepared with spices and aromatic herbs.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal for preparing pizza.

Semi-dried Tomatoes

Size: 800gr can Units/case: 6

Partially dried tomatoes cut into slices and pieces, marinated in oil and flavored with aromatic herbs.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal for enhancing salads and skewer meats. Ideal as garnishing for first courses, bruschettas and sandwiches.

Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes

Size: 800gr can Units/case: 6

Cherry Tomatoes cut in half, in oil

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal for a side dish, to enrich salads, or as an appetizers.

Yellow Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes

Size: 760gr can Units/case: 6

100% Italian "Ciliegini" yellow cherry tomatoes, halved and dried naturally in the sun. The tomatoes are harvested during summer, when the season offers the best results.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Ideal as an appetizer and salads.
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