Gorrieri VinoCotto250ml

Vino Cotto

Size: 8.45 fl. oz.
Units/case: 6

Vino Cotto from the time of the Roman’s was a condiment used to enhance dishes in Italian cuisine. The product can be considered to be the Southern Italian counterpart to “Saba”, a condiment native to the Modena provinces of the north. Vino Cotto more predominately is associated with the region of Puglia where the wines produced from grape varieties such as Primitivo, Aglianico, and Bombino, a relative of the “trebbiano” variety used in Saba, are cooked to achieve a sweet syrupy dressing with tasting notes of raisin and even cherry.

Vino Cotto can be used to sweeten all dishes, compliment all types of cheese & cured meats, as well as to be utilized in desserts such as gelato, sorbets, and zeppoli.

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