Environmental & Social Commitment

We and our manufacturing partners are constantly looking for ways to help out.


Respecting our environment:

Recently, Acetum installed solar panels with a total capacity of 430 kWh, that makes Acetum totally energy efficient and environmentally friendly,  resulting in a yearly total clean energy production of 1,2 MWh.

Social Commitment:

  • All profits are re-invested in the Company
  • 1% of profits are distributed to social care.
  • Sponsorship of  youth soccer teams from their area
  • Sponsorship of a division 1 women basketball team from their town
  • One of their last investments paid for the MRI machine of Mirandola Hospital
  • They helped the local community in 2012 by giving a contribution to re-build the kindergarten school, which was destroyed by the earthquake.


Donated the equivalent of our corporate gifts to one of Acetum’s employees who lost their house during the earthquake.


Caber uses herbs grown in their own backyard.  This garden is also used for educational purposes in collaboration with nearby schools.

Social Commitment:

  • Proud sponsors of Moto GP, motorcycle racing
  • Proud sponsors of Reggio Emilia’s Women’s Basketball team
  • Proud sponsors of Il Piccolo Principe, an organization which helps children without families
  • Proud sponsors of the local Handball team